The main topic in this newsletter is Ethereum, but it's true Elon Musk is mentioned even more
The Ethereum roadmap holds a transformative power to the whole industry (the whole world?). We also speak about the politics of crypto, explain hashrate…
Layer 1 smart contract solutions are attracting attention, DeFi is trying to lure investors, VISA bought a punk.
There was a fight over decentralization that we use to dive into the concept. Also, the unavoidable yearly recaps and a story of competing NFTs.
Venture capital is bullish, Botto gets one month old, Faceabook changed its name, Shiba Inu rides on lulz.
The reasons behind paying millions for JPGs, the SEC gets serious against DeFi and lending, and gaming turns upside down.
Crypto CEOs went to Congress and we did a small who'w who. And, speaking of Congress, regulation is going hard on stablecoins. Nike, Ubisoft, Visa are…
What are the most basic metrics used in crypto? Market cap, TVL, floor price...explained. Also, regulation in Russia and the US, doxxing and Solana
Burning money never got anybody so excited. Today we explain why EIP-1559 is asoftware update people can't wait to see happen. Good boys (Circle), bad…
Decentralized governance is one hell of a shield against regulation. Maybe that's what's making the SEC nervous. Plus, China strikes again.
Coinbase's IPO, what a blackout in Xinjiang did to BTC,  the advances in the digital euro, and more insights in today's Crypto Digest by Carbono
Yes, the news of the week was the Bitcoin Futures ETF, but we-ve been busy launching an NFT + DeFi project. Want to check it out?