Carbono is a crypto-native advisory firm. Like so many of us in this ecosystem, we believe in the importance of welcoming new people. For them, we want to make information simple to navigate. Here we will curate and contextualize the torrent of news so that anyone interested in understanding how the pieces fit can do so easily.

What will you find in Carbono Insights?

In each issue, you will find one main topic -something we feel is worth explaining in-depth- and “six angles”: crypto is a complex matter with many ramifications -social, political, technological… We stop by six other events or concepts to cover the many angles from which you can approach it.

About us

Carbono is an advisory firm specialized in cryptocurrencies that helps clients navigate the economic and financial innovations derived from the rise of digital assets.

Our investment fund, Abacus Carbono, is designed to be an on ramp for investors interested in cryptocurrencies and projects born under the crypto-economy principles.

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